SearchLight Software

                    By            Marshan Technologies

Vendor Master Data


The SearchLight vendor portal provides a secure website for vendors to upload and maintain all vendor information. In the Vendor Portal vendors are able to upload documentation required for vendor registration, identify product and service categories that they would like to offer, select the business units and regions that they are able to service and view the status of their tenders and contracts. Vendors can pre-register on the Vendor Portal before they are activated in the accounting system. Only approved vendors are activated in the procurement and accounting system.


The Vendor registration is highly customisable allowing for different questions attachment types and mandatory attachments.


The online registration is easy for the Vendor to use. 


The vendor portal is also a means of communicating with vendors via email and sms. For example emails can be send out to all vendors who’s tax clearance certificates are about to expire.


When a vendor is invited to respond to a request for quote tender complaint they can receive and email and sms notification. 


The vendor portal can also be used to provide vendors feedback regarding supplier performance. 



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