SearchLight Software

                    By            Marshan Technologies

SearchLight is an innovative software package designed to help organisations take control of, and reduce their inbound supply chain costs. It helps procurement teams to quickly identify sourcing opportunities, register and maintain vendor information, automate the tender process, convert tenders to contracts, measure contract usage and compliance, track savings and benefits, assign tasks and triggers to the procurement team as well as store and track tender and contract documentation. 


SearchLight has evolved into a comprehensive procurement solution consisting of several modules. Each module can be implemented separately to support existing procurement systems or they can be implemented together as a complete solution. 



Description Based Spend Analysis

  • Combine data from multiple sources

  • Identify savings

  • Develop a comprehensive procurement strategy

  • Analyse Free-Text Spend

  • Manage contract and process compliance

  • Measure minority expenditure

  • Ensure that your organisation gains the maximum benefit from your Data Warehouse, ERP, and eProcurement systems

Contract Control Centre 

  • Notification before contracts expire

  • Reporting on contract usage and compliance

  • Central place to store and contract information and commodity knowledge with user access control

  • Assign and track the completion of contract tasks

  • Contract Dashboard / Health Check

  • Export contract item / price information to multiple procurement systems

Vendor and Tender Portal 

  • Online Vendor registration

  • Store and retrieve documentation (Tax certificates, BEE certificates, etc.)

  • Bulk email selected vendors from vendor portal

  • Customisable online questionnaires to gather information from vendors.

  • Automated warnings when documents are about to expire (Tax Clearance etc.)

  • View contracts and tenders (See Tender)

  • Vendor Performance Reporting


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